We know Reykjavík like the back of our hands, let us introduce you to her. Join us on a small group and personal 5-star walking tour. Our Reykjavík tours are a quick and easy way to learn the basic stuff you need to know to continue exploring the city on your own. Our knowledgeable local guides will take you to the main sights and share with you some smaller fascinating details.
Visit landmarks such as Hallgrímskirkja Church, Harpa Concert Hall, the City Hall, Alþingi Parliament House and more. Our tours are an exclusive and personal experience.


      My daughter and I took the tour with Lolli on our first day in Reykjavik. I would highly recommend taking a tour early so you know what you want to go back in spend more time reviewing. Lolli was extremely knowledgeable of the city, and...More

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      I went on an evening walking and had a great time learning about the Norse gods, the Vikings, Iceland's relationship with Norway and Denmark, its Independence, as well as the recent financial crisis. Highly recommended.

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      Aoalheiour was our Funk Guide. Inspiring, knowledgeaable and never to fast. Worth it and nice to be with. Recommended.

    thumb nejbiii

      Lali was a brilliant guide, giving us loads of information about Reykjavik and it's people in an interesting and amusing way. We would certainly recommend this as a way to see the city and get an understanding of the history and present day. Lali was...More

    thumb Elaine T

The Funky team

Papa guide

A guide as old as time. A very talented professional who has been showing travellers around Iceland for years and years and years. He knows his stuff. He really does.

Super guide

The loveliest person you will ever meet. Knows Reykjavík inside and out and loves to share not-so-common knowledge about the city. She's the girl who knows all the best and most current spots to visit.

Master guide

Funky Iceland founder and a certified tourist guide. He once won the title ‘The Funniest Icelander’ and has a great talent for story-telling. A well of knowledge of all sorts, free spirit and history buff with an unquenchable thirst for information.

Big Boss

Funky Iceland founder and board member. A silent and subtle leader with big ideas. Pays the bills on time and creates Excel sheets for every part of his life. He is the man behind the scenes and runs the house like a cute little dictator.

Mama Bear

Not a founder, but married to the mob. Funky CEO and mother of four who will zip your jacket up and lend you a scarf if she thinks you’re too cold. Knows a thing or two about Reykjavík and loves to talk, and tell stories… and talk… a lot. Little but loveable.

Topnotch guide

Your friendly friend in the big ol' capital of Iceland. A historian with a great knack for telling stories. Fire all your questions at him and he's sure to have some solid answers.